About Us…

ASJES Services Ltd is based in Talysarn, Near Caernarfon North Wales and has recently been established as a family business by the owner operator Andy Sutherland.

The inspiration for launching ASJES Services ltd as an exterior jetting and cleaning service based in the heart of  Snowdonia National Park was the Owners Dog and a Tennis Ball but that’s another story for when we meet.

ASJES SErvices Ltd enables the skills and experience gained from 32 years in the Gas Utiliyty market to be focused in a new direction. Andy Sutherland the owner, is a gas distribution main layer by trade, experienced at working in the highway, gaining recognition as an incorporated engineer in 2011 following many years of training, is experienced in project and team management, who has recently gained a diploma in Occupational Health and Safety being committed to its implementation and an innovation award winner with a passion for technology and its incorporation in to daily life.

ASJES Services Ltd is here to offer many straight forward independent but linked activities. Primarily ASJES Services Ltd is to focus on jet wash cleaning and surveying of drains, gutters, roofs and inaccessible places using CCTV & wireless locating equipment, vacuum technology and long reach tooling. The business has a wide scope and delivers a number of individual but closely linked activities as a service provider to home insurance companies, the holiday industry and individual clients.  The business has been structured to allow additional Health and Safety or Gas utility consulting work to be undertaken should the opportunity arise

The mission for ASJES services ltd is to deliver a high quality, professional service to the clients at an affordable price bringing them back for more. Andy Sutherland believes in a number of things the key being “The client is the boss, he can fire everyone from the owner of the company to the lowest simply by taking his business elsewhere”