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The Consultant Service offered can be tailored to your needs but can be split into three main areas. Developed over 32 years in the gas utility market Andy Sutherland starting as an apprentice and leaving as a manager has carried out a number of roles that have enabled him to develop a series of skills that can be utilised within any industry, activity or environment and offers this knowledge to clients as a consultant service.

The consultant service areas offered are .

Health and Safety:-Further information on this can be found by clicking here.

Project Management:- Further information on this can be found by clicking here

General Support:- Examples of how Andy Could help below

Throughout my career as industrial staff and my time in management, I have carried out a number of roles key being that of Business Improvement / Best Practice Manager. I was responsible for delivering National and regional change to enhance the Gas utility business, improve safety, improve performance and save money.  I believe I have left the Gas utility market in a better safer place than when I started. 

Product Development:- The secret to product development is knowing when to say “stop no more”. As a consultant service I am able to take an impartial view of any development you have. If not delivered correctly developing a product or idea can actually cost the business. Everyone thinks the idea they have is the best and will be tops. By utilising evaluation techniques developed over many years As a consultant service I am able to help deliver real change. Experienced in developing product I have won 3 industry awards for developments but have also put a stop to a project that have had thousands of pounds invested.

Process Mapping :- Known by many names, KIBAN, Six Sigma, Swim Lining Engineering for Value all are different techniques Consultant Service offered attempt to deliver the same objective, to save money. As a Consultant Service i will be able to look at the end to end process of any activity, identifying the hand offs, key inputs and outputs that may have an affect on productivity and organisational profitability. Understanding the process is key to working out how to make real savings in time efforts resource and money. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key to improvement.

Process Change - Restructuring - New Ways  :–Again many names for the same thing, how to you embed a new process or way of working. You need to understand how to ensure a change in process, technology or practices can take place without affecting the performance and profitability of the company. This also includes reviewing the work life balance of the employees. It is all too easy to let work take over as a consultant service I will be able to conduct an impartial review you plans

Competence Assessment:- How do you evidence that you have given your staff the skills knowledge and training to make them competent. Its sad to say but the No Win No Fee society is driving the needs to protect yourself. Unfortunately circumstances sometimes dictate what happens and not the people involved. Competence is an important issue that you need to review or arrange for it to be completed using ASJES Services Ltd and their consultant service. Its a sad fact that in this climate of no win no fee the need to be able to demonstrate competence is often driven by external forces to those actually involved.

There are many other ares of business improvement that you may wish to review. Make contact with ASJES Services Ltd and discuss how using their Consultant Services could Help you see how to contact us by clicking here