Health and Safety – Consultancy

Andy Sutherland offers the service of Health and Safety Consultant as a result of his training, knowledge and qualifications developed during his 32 year career in the gas.   Andy Sutherland has developed his safety skills enhancing his qualifications in 2012 by completing a NEBOSH Diploma NVQ level 6 (Degree Equivalent) in Occupational Health and Safety.  His continued personal development has seen him achieve Graduate status as a member of IOSH.  

Andy believes passionately that people deserve to go home from work everyday, to be safe and not to suffer injuries whilst at work.  A passionate believer that a Zero Accident Policy is achievable but also wise enough to know that very few can afford this and the best that can be achieved is to manage the risk.


The Health and Safety At Work Act is based on a fundamental principle that “he who creates the risk must control the risk” and places a moral and legal responsibility on everyone in work to look after themselves, their coworkers and any person who may be affected by their activities. Safety is everyone responsibility not just the Safety Officer.

The Health and Safety Directorate accept that small business may not be able to invest significant sums in safety and draw the line at 5 staff members before the company has to have a safety structure in place. This does not mean that a small business does not need to pay attention to Health and Safety, an injury to the sole operator or a member of staff in a small business can have a major affect on income and performance. additionally employers are becoming more aware and are requesting method statements, risk assessments demonstration of a commitment to safety. This is where Andy can help,  his understanding of Safety will help small businesses that cross the 5 person threshold to develop and meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and larger business by acting as an independent verifier of compliance 


By using the skills, knowledge and training of Andy Sutherland, acting on behalf of ASJES Services Ltd, can support you in the following ways

  • Review the Health & Safety systems in place within your organisation and compliance with recommended guidelines such as HSG65.
  • Help in the preparation of a Health & Safety policy
  • Help in the preparation of work procedures, method statementsheath and safety image
  • Conducting site and or activity risk assessments
  • Conduct COSHH Assessments
  • Conduct manual handling assessments
  • Review compliance with legislation such as Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  • Conduct Display Screen Equipment assessments
  • Advise of how to demonstrate staff competency
  • Advice on how you demonstrate that you have done everything reasonably practicable to reduce risk.

Andy Sutherland will gladly discuss ways in which he as a member of ASJES Services Ltd can help improve the safety standards and tailor his support to suit your needs. Safety and compliance with legislation is not there to stifle you but to protect you. As stated Andy Sutherland believes passionately that people deserve to go home from work everyday, to be safe and not to suffer injuries whilst at work.