Project Management

Project Management can be what ever you wish it to be. Andy Sutherland has worked for a multinational company for 32 years and has carried out many complex and varied projects. Experienced at project management  with a value of £500 to a value of £5.6 million,  requiring the delivery of training from 2 staff to 1300, from idea concept to manufacture and product delivery and research and development work. Each project is managed with due diligence and using the fundamentals and techniques of Prince 2 Project management.

During his career Andy Sutherland has led projects that have won both internal and external industry awards for Safety, Environment and Innovation. For a number opf years Andy Sutherland worked for National Grid as a Best Practice Engineer and was the Operations Projects Manager for a number of significant developments with a Research and Development budget of £220k per annum. All of the projects required the application of  management techniques commensurate with the activity being carried out. The techniques applied and effort expended was proportional to the value and importance of the project itself.  Andy Sutherland will apply the same rigorous test to any project he is engaged to be involved with.

As a project Management Consultant Andy Sutherland is available if you so wish and under your direction toProject Management Cycle

  • Challenge and review your project
  • Scope out any work to determine roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Prepare funding applications for interested parties, including preparation of stage gates, presentations
  • Identify additional revenue streams or opportunities within the project
  • Physical work management, including where required, site attendance
  • Act with delegated authority

The amount of  involvement ASJES Services Ltd have within your project is entirely at your discretion. Rates will be agreed prior to commencement with recognition being given to the length and duration of the involvement of ASJES Services Ltd within you project. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us ways to contact us can be found by clicking here