Drains – Blocked / Surveyed

Blocked Drains A serious Health and Hygiene Hazard

Do you need emergency support for some reason your drain is blocked

Problems with your sink and drains not emptying

Do your drains smell and need a wash

Do you want to know where they run or their condition

Blocked Drains blocked sinksmelly drain


ASJES Services Ltd provide services to deal with blocked drains quickly and efficiently. Remember most people have emergency cover as an option included within the building insurance.  .Blocked drains are a risk to your health don’t let cost put you off getting them cleaned

As a serious health and hygiene hazard, blocked drains need to be dealt with at the earliest opportunity they wont get better on their own. Drains can become blocked for many reasons  and you normally find out about them when its most inconvenient. ASJES Services Ltd is here to help, we have the skills and ability to clear blocked drains quickly and efficiently and are available 24 hours a day. Once we have unblocked your drains we will carry out an inspection to find out why they blocked in the first place, giving you the knowledge to stop it happening again.

If you suspect a blocked drain, perhaps due to smells emanating from sinks or toilets, you seem to find sinks and external drains clearing slowly or drains , get it your drains checked out sooner rather than later.The majority of blocked drains are cleared fast without disruption and as we offer various methods and the latest specialised equipment we can minimise costs. Don’t forget to check your Insurance policy emergency repairs to drains may be covered.

ASJES Services Ltd  deal with blocked drains within the Gwynedd, Ynys Mon, Clewdyd, Powys  areas.  We are available 24 hours a day and we aim to get to you at a time that is convenient and causes the least disruption on many occasions we can start work almost immediately upon arrival. .


Do you want to know where they run?  Do you worry about condition of your drain? Do you need to consider preventative maintenance?  At ASJES Services Ltd we have the technology to inspect your drains and the condition using CCTV technology. The ability to carry out route plotting transferring to maps using advance radio tracing technologies The  ability to clearly identify the route of a drain Land drain or storm water is a requirement for any site landlord as part of the duties for ISO14001. Being able to clearly and definitively identify the route will help resource planning when work is being carried out or issues arise. The ability to review the condition of the pipe work will enable advanced preventative maintenance to be carried out. 

Once traced, and internally inspected we can show you the condition of the Drains and advise on potential issues and possible solutions.  Being able to plot the route of a drain is also a useful selling point for any property, allowing the prospective property owner to be assured that the property you are selling is well maintained.

we ensure that once a blockage has been removed we wash the drains to remove any residual smells.

Internal Inspection of Drains can be carried out at any time you don’t have to wait for a blockage, We offer free, no obligation quotations and aim to provide the highest levels of service as well as value for money. If you think that a survey of the drain is useful yoo may wish to consider Gutter and Roof Surveys using CCTV, Talk to ASJES Services Ltd to work out a discount for combining these two activities.