Ever thought about the damage that can be done to your property if your gutters are blocked, or have vegetation growing out of them? NO? We didn’t think so, not many people do think about the damage that can be caused, and clearing them your self can often lead to further issues. Getting the time can be an issue, making sure the weather is safe to go up ladders, what about the need to have someone foot the ladder so it does not slip What happens if you don’t own a ladder you may need to hire one and that’s more time and effort or what about working at heights it’s an issue for some people.

So what Can you do?

We at ASJES Services Ltd offer a variety of services to help solve this problem and prevent damage occurringDrains

  • Surveys of the gutters before and after using a wireless CCTV unit
  • Gutter cleaning using a powerful 4200 watt cleaner with poles capable of reaching 36ft up.
  • Washing the gutters using long handled tools.
  • All completed by professional staff


4543681730Lifting turf from Gutterindex

Why Use Us?

1. A time to suit you

We are totally flexible and are not restricted to when we work. We agree a time suitable to you after all you are the boss

2.  Fast and non intrusive

We are entirely self-sufficient, our service is completely external and we do not require entry to your home. All we ask is free access around a property.

3. We can Clean All types of guttering

From modern plastic molded systems to cast iron, pressed and formed steel gutters as well as smaller conservatory and greenhouse ducting can be cleared.

4. No  platforms, ladders or scaffolding required

The system we uses at ASJES Services Ltd is operated from the ground, because of this ground operation we are able to begin almost as soon as we arrive, there are no health and safety issues and we can often Access areas where ladders cannot reach.