Patio – Drives – Decking & Footways


Are your drives patios or path ways dull dirty looking, not as bright as you remember.

Can they be slippy as they look green or seem to be covered with dust.

Do they get slippy when wet

Block Paviors not a problem

Block Paviors not a problem

                  clean a drive 2

Let ASJES Services help clean your patio and drives using a Jet Washer with up to 3700 Pounds per square inch at a volume of 18 litres per minute cleaning drives is not an issue.  With that amount of power most if not all the marks on your patio drive footpath or decking can be removed quickly effectively leaving those surfaces clean, fresh and safe.

ASJES Services Ltd uses self contained systems so can normally start work cleaning your patio or drive soon after arriving and we wont even need to enter the house. Haven’t got an outside tap no worries we will bring water with us, Depending on the size of your patio or drive area to be cleaned we may have to leave to get additional water but rest assured this will be discussed with you prior to us starting work. You will be kept informed all the way through the process.

We work at your property when you want us there and aim to cause you and little disruption to your daily life as possible. Rates reflect the area of the patio or drive to bve cleaned, accessibility to the patio drive decking or path and if the visit is a first time or secondary freshen up service. Jet washing you patio, drive or footway is especially useful in those areas that don’t get the sun where you often find algae and dirt can cause the Patio Drive decking or footway to become a slippy hazardous surface.

Call us lets us have a chat and see how we can help. Maybe we can combine the visit to clean your patio, drive decking or footway with another activity such as cleaning the facias and gutters of your property.